Coffee Beer is all the Buzz: Welcome to MA, Beanery Brewing!

Coffee + beer...they just sort of go together. Now distributing in Massachusetts: Beanery Brewing Company! Coffee Pale Ale, Coffee IPA, and Coffee Milk Stout are available on draft, with bottles coming early in 2016. Four pints of beer have the caffiene equivalent of about one cup of coffee. Get a buzz while you...get a buzz. "Quite a few American breweries feature a coffee beer in their portfolio, usually a dark beer they make once or twice a year. Though we've tasted some good ones, it seems like most of their effort has gone into the beer, which they blend with whatever beans happen to be handy. We kept waiting for someone to put an equal amount of focus on the coffee beans, just as our favorite roasters do. When no one did, we realized we had to do something about it ourselves. We then asked Dave Yarrington, Executive Brewer of Smuttynose, if he would oversee production at Smuttlabs, his experimental brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He agreed, and we began exploring the different ways to blend coffee with beer. Dave is not only an award winning brewer, he also has a background in chemistry and together we came up with a water treatment and infusion method we think draws out the best flavors of the coffee bean, with almost none of bitterness, resulting in an IPA saturated with coffee flavor from beginning to end. We now believe malted barley and water are better at soaking up the true flavors of coffee than water by itself, while the hops provide brightness, and prevent the coffee from becoming too dominant. As we continue to explore the different ways of commingling coffee and beer, we look forward to creating an array of new styles with some of our favorite roasters from around the country. The founders of Beanery Brewing are Dave Brodrick, Jason Merrill, Kurt Lessard, Ian Campbell, and Tod Minotti (Boston Sales). Our headquarters is located in Woodstock, Vermont."