Brewery Vivant hits shelves as rare, pre-EBF treat

About a month ago we got an e-mail from Jason Spaulding, President of Brewery Vivant of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Breweries participating in beer festivals outside their normal distribution territories must choose a distribution company local to where the festival is taking place. It’s all part of the Federally mandated three-tier system. In this case, Brewery Vivant, which currently only distributes throughout Michigan, Indiana, and the Chicago-area, needed a distribution company to take its beer into Massachusetts for the Extreme Beer Festival. They chose the Craft Brewers Guild. Hence, the e-mail. Thanks to Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Festival, Brewery Vivant’s legendary Belgian-style brews have made their way to Boston for several area festivals; guzzled by craft beer lovers eager to get a taste anything and everything that can’t normally be found on the east coast. It’s three sessions of drinking frenzy that leaves festival goers gleefully over-satiated, then dreadfully hungover struggling to remember “that awesome brown ale that tasted like french toast from that one brewery in….uhhh...” The beer comes. It's consumed. And then in a blink of an eye, it's gone. But this year, festival goers will have the chance to grab their favorite Brewery Vivant beers pre-fest and post-hangover at several Boston area package stores. Along with the kegs they shipped us for Extreme Beer Fest, the brewery sent 300 hundred cases of its 16 oz. 9-can variety pack which includes Farmhand, Triomphe, Undertaker, Big Red Coq, and Pothold Stout, and one log of Wizard Burial Ground, a Belgian Quad, which is going to Olde Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville for the official pre-EBF kick off party on March 19th. It's in the Boston market for the first time ever, and it's going quick. Brewery Vivant is a 5-year-old brewery located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Renowned for its French and Belgian-inspired brews, the brewery prides itself on running its operation on 100% renewable energy sources.